Volume 19, Number 3 – November 2015

A Word from the Editors…


Editor: Maggie Sokolik

Feature Articles

From the Archives

To celebrate our 20 years of TESL-EJ, we will be dipping into our archives to republish some key articles from the past.

Thomas S. C. Farrell, Teachers Talking about Teaching: Creating Conditions for Reflection; pdf (pdf)

Erdogan Bada & Zuhal Okan, Students’ Language Learning Preferences;
pdf (pdf)

Peer-reviewed Articles

Elena Andrei, Marcie Ellerbe & Todd Cherner, “The Text Opened My Eyes”: A Book Club on Teaching Writing to ELLs; pdf (pdf)

Hua Que & Xuemei Li, Voices of Chinese Post-80s Students in English Academic Writing; pdf (pdf)

Naoko Taguchi, Naeko Naganuma & Carlos Budding, Does Instruction Alter the Naturalistic Pattern of Pragmatic Development? A Case of Request Speech Act; pdf (pdf)

Iris Elisha-Primo, Simone Sandler, & Keren Goldfrad, Listening to More Voices: Why Being Heard Matters; pdf (pdf)


Editor: Vance Stevens

Vance Stevens, Finding Your Voice: Teaching Writing Using Tablets with Voice Capability, pdf (pdf)


Media Articles & Reviews

Editors: Thomas Delaney & Sarah Huffman

Ryan Eller, Instructional Design Using Adobe Captivate, pdf (pdf)


Editors: Spencer Salas & Okim Kang

Resources & Teacher Education

Suhanthie Motha (2014), Race, Empire, and English Language Teaching: Creating Responsible and Ethical Anti-Racist Practice; Reviewed by Mary Caitlin Wight pdf (pdf)

Arnd Witte (2014), Blending Spaces: Mediating and Assessing Intercultural Competence in the L2 Classroom; Reviewed by JesAlana Stewart pdf (pdf)

Regina Hampel & Ursula Stickler (2015), Developing Online Language Teaching: Research-Based Pedagogies and Reflective Practices; Reviewed by Erin N. O’Reilly pdf (pdf)