Volume 10, Number 2 — September 2006

A Word from the Editors…

Feature Articles

Guest Editors: Greta Gorsuch & Bill Snyder

Language and Pedagogy

The English Lesson as a Site for the Development of Critical Thinking; Denise Santos & Branca Falabella Fabrício (23 Pgs) pdf (pdf)
Regionally Specific Tasks of Non-Western English Language Use; Betty Lanteigne (19 Pgs) pdf (pdf)
Dimensions of Questioning: A Qualitative Study of Current Classroom Practice in Malaysia; Habsah Hussin (17 Pgs) pdf (pdf)
Memorization and EFL Students’ Strategies at University Level in Vietnam; Duong Thi Hoang Oanh & Nguyen Thu Hien (17 Pgs) pdf (pdf)
Developing a Motivational Teaching Practice in EFL Teachers in Slovakia: Challenges of Promoting Teacher Change in EFL Contexts; Magdalena Kubanyiova (17 Pgs) pdf (pdf)

Educator Change

Teaching Practices and Student Learning in the Introductory Research Methods Class; Rula L. Diab (28 Pgs) pdf (pdf)
Negotiating Academic Practices, Identities, and Relationships in a Doctoral Program: A Case from an Overseas Institution in Japan; Andrea Simon-Maeda, Eton Churchill & Steve Cornwell (25 Pgs) pdf (pdf)
Teachers’ Professional Development: Partnerships in Research; Derin Atay (15 Pgs) pdf (pdf)
Teacher development through reading strategy instruction: The story of Supriya; Susmita Pani (21 Pgs) pdf (pdf)

Doing Research

Researching the Research Culture in English Language Education in Vietnam; Pham Hoa Hiep (20 Pgs) pdf (pdf)
Doing Language Education Research in a Developing Country; Greta Gorsuch (13 Pgs) pdf (pdf)


Editor: Jesús García Laborda

The Dark Side of the ESL Classroom; Jesús García Laborda pdf (pdf)

On the Internet

Editor: Vance Stevens

Revisiting Multiliteracies in Collaborative Learning Environments: Impact on Teacher Professional Development; Vance Stevenspdf (pdf)

Media Articles & Reviews

Editor: Thomas Delaney

Active Listening in English; Reviewed by Maja Grgurovic pdf (pdf)


Editor: Will Seng

Classroom Texts

Helen Huntley (2006), Essential Academic Vocabulary: Mastering the Complete Academic Word List; Reviewed by John M. Graney
pdf (pdf)

Rebecca Hughes (2005), Exploring Grammar in Writing; Reviewed by Pat Moore pdf (pdf)
Alice Savage & Patricia Mayer (2005), Effective Academic Writing 2: The Short Essay; Reviewed by Kevin Hinkle pdf (pdf)
Laurie Blass & Elizabeth Whalley (2006), Reading for a Reason: Expanding Reading Skills Series; Reviewed by Safary Wa-Mbaleka pdf (pdf)
Madalena Cruz-Ferreira & Sunita Anne Abraham (2006), The Language of Language: Core Concepts in Linguistic Analysis; Reviewed by Greta Vollmer pdf (pdf)

Teacher Training / Resource Books

Lawrence N. Berlin (2005), Contextualizing College ESL Classroom Praxis: A Participatory Approach to Effective Instruction; Reviewed by Joseph J. Lee pdf (pdf)
Kees deBot, Wander Lowie & Marjolijn Verspoor (2006), Second Language Acquisition: An Advanced Resource Book; Reviewed by Wolf Kozel pdf (pdf)
Nancy L. Commins & Ofelia B. Miramontes (2005), Linguistic Diversity and Teaching; Reviewed by Dorottya Nemeth pdf (pdf)

Language Policy

Thomas Ricento (Ed.) (2006), An Introduction to Language Policy: Theory and Method; Reviewed by Bojana Petric pdf (pdf)
Adrian Holliday (2005), The Struggle to Teach English as an International Language; Reviewed by Thomas Leverett pdf (pdf)