Volume 9, Number 1 — June 2005

A Word from the Editors…

Feature Articles

Editor: Maggie Sokolik

Beliefs about Language Learning: Current Knowledge, Pedagogical Implications, and New Research Directions; Eva Bernat & Inna Gvozdenko (21 Pgs)

Language, Education, and Success: A View of Emerging Beliefs and Strategies in the Southeastern United States; Miguel Mantero (15 Pgs)

Classroom Focus: The U.S. Midwest

Teaching Culture in Adult ESL: Pedagogical and Ethical Considerations; David Johnson (12 Pgs)


The Shared Responsibility for Professional Development; Maggie Sokolik

On the Internet

Editor: Vance Stevens

An Open Source Portal for Educators; Su Cheng-chao

Media Articles & Reviews

Editors: Thomas Delaney

Concorder Pro 1.0: A Text-analysis Tool for Mac OS X; Reviewed by Pierfranca Forchini

HyperStudio 4.5: The Multimedia Authoring Tool for Interactive Learning; Reviewed by Abdelmajid Bouziane

WordClassifier; Reviewed by Michaël Goethals


Editor: Sorel Friedman

Classroom Texts

Siebert, A. (2000), Celebrating American Heroes: Plays for Students of English (Student Text and Teacher’s Guide); Reviewed by Arda Arikan & Ozan Varli

Giannotti, J. (2004), Crafting Compositions: Tools for Today’s Writers; Reviewed by Matthew Currier

Folse, K., Mitchell, D., Smith-Palinkas, B. & Tortorella, D. (2003), Clear Grammar 4. Activities for Spoken and Written Communication; Reviewed by Nicole Décuré

Bourke, K. (2003), Test It, Fix It; Reviewed by Hien Huynh

Duckworth, M. (2003), Business Grammar and Practice (2nd ed.); Reviewed by Jesús García Laborda

Lee, L. & Gundersen, E. (2002), Select Readings; Reviewed by Thinan Sangpanasthada

Demetriades, D. (2003), Workshop: Information Technology; Reviewed by Wiroj Kosolritthichai

Teacher Resource Books

Gibson, R. (2002), Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers: Intercultural Business Communication; Reviewed by Juan Carlos Palmer Silveira

Morgan, J. & Rinvolucri, M. (2004), Resource Books for Teachers: Vocabulary. 2nd edition; Reviewed by John Bunting

Applied Linguistics, History and Research, Second-language Education

Freeman, Y., Freeman, D. & Mercuri, S. (2005), Dual Language Essentials for Teachers and Adminstrators; Reviewed by Victor I. Ikpia

Morrow, K. (2004), Insights from the Common European Framework; Reviewed by Sabrina Voelz