Volume 5, Number 1 — April 2001

A Word from the Editors…


Editor: Maggie Sokolik

Paradigm Shift: Understanding and Implementing Change in Second Language Education; George Jacobs and Thomas Farrell (16 Pgs)

Contrastive Goal Orientations in an EFL Reading Context: Influences on Reading Strategy Use and Comprehension Patterns; Tung-hsien He (18 Pgs)


Editor: Karen Stanley

Sexist Language in ESL/EFL Textbooks and Materials; Karen Stanley

On the Internet

Editor: Jim Duber

Interview with an Online Instructor; Jim Duber

Media Articles & Reviews

Editor: Amy Burns Short

The Alphabet; Reviewed by Melissa S. Carr

New Dynamic English; Reviewed by Joseph Rowland

Listening web sites on the World Wide Web; Reviewed by Mark Peterson


Editor: Sorel Friedman

Review Essay

Norbert Schmitt (2000), Vocabulary in Language Teaching;
Antony P. Cowie (1999), English Dictionaries for Foreign Learners: A History; and
Antony P. Cowie (1998), Phraseology: Theory, Analysis, Applications;
Reviewed by Giles Slade


Patricia Ackert (1999), Facts & Figures: Basic Reading Practice (3rd ed.);
Linda Lee and Barbara Bushby (2000), Thoughts & Notions: High Beginning Reading Practice; and
Patricia Ackert (1999), Cause & Effect: Intermediate Reading Practice (3rd ed.); Reviewed by Lauren Stephenson & Jill Cook

Robert Atwan (Ed.) (1999), America Now: Short Readings from Recent Periodicals (3rd ed.); Reviewed by Craig Machado

Mark A. Clarke, Barbara K. Dobson, and Sandra Silberstein (1999), Choice Readings: International Edition; Reviewed by Sorel Friedman

Judi Kadden (1998), Traveling the World Through Idioms; Reviewed by Nicole Décuré

Sue F. Miller (2000), Targeting Pronunciation: The Intonation, Sounds, and Rhythm of American English; Reviewed by Helen Huntley

Regina L. Smalley, Mary K. Ruetten, and Joanna Rishel Kozyreve (2000), Refining Composition Skills: Rhetoric and Grammar; Reviewed by Lauren Stephenson

Lynn Stafford-Yilmaz (1998), A to Zany: Community Activities for Students of English; Reviewed by Darren P. Bologna

Teacher Resource Books

George Braine (Ed.) (1999), Non-Native Educators in English Language Teaching; Reviewed by Jim Bame

Raymond C. Clark, Patrick R. Moran, and Arthur A. Burrows (2000), The ESL Miscellany: A Treasury of Cultural and Linguistic Information (The New 21st Century Edition); Reviewed by Ronald Gray

Stephen Cary (2000), Working with Second Language Learners: Answers to Teachers’ Top Ten Questions; Reviewed by Keith S. Folse

Glayol Ekbatani and Herbert Pierson (Eds.) (2000), Learner-Directed Assessment in ESL; Reviewed by Christine Coombe

Elizabeth Franklin (Ed.) (1999), Reading and Writing in More Than One Language: Lessons for Teachers; Reviewed by Carmen Pinilla Padilla

Taiseer Kailani and Halima Al-Ansari (2000), Classroom Games and Activities; Reviewed by Sabrina Voelz

Paul Lindsay (2000), Teaching English Worldwide: A New Practical Guide to Teaching English; Reviewed by Annalisa Baicchi

Clayann Gilliam Panetta (2001), Contrastive Rhetoric Revisited and Redefined; Reviewed by John Graney

Mark Warschauer, Heidi Shetzer, and Christine Meloni (2000), Internet for English Teaching; Reviewed by Donald Weasenforth

Language Acquisition

Istvan Kecskes and Tünde Papp (2000), Foreign Language and Mother Tongue; Reviewed by Lola Grau

Brian MacWhinney (2000), The CHILDES Project (3rd ed.). Volume I: Tools for Analyzing Talk: Transcription Format and Programs; and
The CHILDES Project (3rd ed.). Volume II: Tools for Analyzing Talk: The Database; Reviewed by Karen Woodman

Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, and Sociolinguistics

Jean Aitchison (1998), The Articulate Mammal: An Introduction to Psycholinguistics (4th ed.); Reviewed by Ronald Gray

Larry Andrews (2001), Linguistics for L2 Teachers; Reviewed by Silvia Bruti

John McWhorter (2000), Spreading the Word: Language and Dialect in America; Reviewed by Ronald Gray