Vol. 6. No. 2 A-2 September 2002
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Memory Enhancement in Language Pedagogy: Implications from Cognitive Research

Farzad Sharifian, PhD
Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley, WA, Australia


This paper reviews a number of sub-paradigms in cognitive research on memory enhancement and explores some insights that they may have for theory and practice in English language teaching (ELT). The research reviewed in this paper has made rigorous attempts to discover perceptual and processing strategies that may enhance retention of information in human cognitive storage. For example, it has been found that generation of stimuli by learners, rather than simple reading, enhances retention. The research findings reviewed in this paper provide language teachers with insights about how the human memory works and how its efficiency may be increased.

Keywords:ESL,EFL,Memory enhancement, language and memory, language and cognition, applied cognitive research


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