Volume 8, Number 3 — December 2004

A Word from the Editors…

Feature Articles

Editor: Maggie Sokolik

The Acquisition of English Personal and Possessive Pronouns in Two Classroom Learning Environments; Anthony Seow & Grace Tay (16 Pgs)

Classroom Activities Viewed from Different Perspectives: Learners’ Voice and Teachers’ Voice; Zohreh Eslami-Rasekh & Katayoon Valizadeh (13 Pgs)


Editor: Karen Stanley

Politics in the World, Politics in the Classroom: Teachers in Jeopardy?; Karen Stanley

On the Internet

Editor: Vance Stevens

Establishing and Maintaining Web Presence: A Guide for Educators; Vance Stevens

Media Articles & Reviews

Editors: Arlyn Freed

English Language Listening Lab Online; Reviewed by Leon Piasetski

The Compleat Lexical Tutor, v.4; Reviewed by Marti Sevier

Clarity Tense Buster; Reviewed by Kenny Graham


Editor: Sorel Friedman

Classroom Texts

Eric H. Glendinning and John McEwan (2003), Basic English for Computing; Reviewed by Karen E. Caldwell

Cheryl Pavlik (2004), Grammar Sense 1; Reviewed by Karen E. Caldwell

Hana Svecova (2003), Happy House; Reviewed by Thinan Sangpanasthada

Peter Viney and Karen Viney, In English Starter; Reviewed by Thinan Sangpanasthada

Nancy M. Ackles (2003), The Grammar Guide: Developing Language Skills for Academic Success; Reviewed by Pat Moore

Oxford University Press (2002), Oxford Preparation Course for the TOEIC test; Reviewed by Sabrina Voelz

Teacher Resource Books

Stewart Clark and Graham Pointon (2003), Word For Word; Reviewed by Elisa Perego

Applied Linguistics, History and Research

Graeme Keith Porte (2002), Appraising Research in Second Language Learning: A practical approach to the critical analysis of quantitative research; Reviewed by Rebekha Abbuhl

A. P. R. Howatt with H. G. Widdowson (2004), A History of English Language Teaching, Second Edition; Reviewed by Thomas Leverett

Bonny Norton & Aneta Pavlenko (2004), Gender and English Language Learners; Reviewed by Sarah McKnight

Bertha Pérez (Ed.) (2004), Sociocultural contexts of language and literacy Second edition; Reviewed by Antonio R. Roldán Tapia

Technology in Education

Curtis Jay Bonk & Kira S. King (Eds.) (1998), Electronic Collaborators: Learner Centered technologies for Literacy, Apprenticeship, and Discourse; Reviewed by Sylwia Bielec

James Inman, Cheryl Reed & Peter Sands (Eds.) (2004), Electronic Collaboration in the Humanities: Issues and Options; Reviewed by Antonio R. Roldán Tapia