Volume 5, Number 2 — September 2001

A Word from the Editors…


Editor: Maggie Sokolik

Language Learning Across Boundaries – Negotiating Classroom Rituals; Roger Nunn (11 Pgs)

Pair taping: Increasing motivation and achievement with a fluency practice; Peter H. Schneider (32 Pgs)


Editor: Karen Stanley

Varieties of English: Definition and Instruction; Karen Stanley

On the Internet

Editor: Jim Duber

Interview with an Online Instructor: The Methodology; Jim Duber

Media Articles & Reviews

Editor: Amy Burns Short

Tower of English; Reviewed by Andrea Word-Allbritton

Guide to Grammar and Writing; Reviewed by Melissa S. Carr


Editor: Sorel Friedman

Review Essay

Kangmin Zeng, Dragon Gate: Competitive Examinations and Their Consequences; Reviewed by Ronald Gray


Richard Harrison (2000), Better Writing; Reviewed by Lauren Stephenson & Jill Cook

(No author mentioned) (2001), More Grammar Practice; Reviewed by Nicole Decuré

Teacher Resource Books

Deborah Appleman (2000), Critical Encounters in High School English: Teaching Literary Theory to Adolescents; Reviewed by Micah Mattix

Janine Chappell Carr (1999), A Child Went Forth: Reflective Teaching with Young Readers and Writers; Reviewed by Eliana Barrios Fuentes

Nancy Cloud, Fred Genesee, & Else Hamayan (2000), Dual Language Instruction: A Handbook for Enriched Education; Reviewed by Marisa González Díaz

Alicia Duchak (1999), A-Z of Modern America; Reviewed by Sabrina Voelz

Ilona Leki (2001), Academic Writing Programs; Reviewed by John M. Graney

Robert E. Slavin and Margarita Calderon, (Eds) (2001), Effective Programs for Latino Students; Reviewed by Jim Bame

Language Acquisition

Susan M. Gass & Larry Selinker (2001), Second Language Acquisition: An Introductory Course; Second edition ; Reviewed by Thomas Leverett

Joan Kelly Hall and Lorrie Stoops Verplaetse, (eds) (2000), Second and Foreign Language Learning Through Classroom Interaction; Reviewed by Robert Edwards

Tom Scovel (2000), Learning New Languages: A Guide to Second Language Acquisition; Reviewed by Ronald Gray

Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, and Sociolinguistics

David Corson (2001), Language Diversity and Education; Reviewed by David R. Martin