Volume 4, Number 3 — May 2000

A Word from the Editors…


Students’ Language Learning Preferences; Erdogan Bada & Zuhal Okan (15 Pgs)

The U.S.-SiberLink Internet Project; Belinda Braunstein, Christine Meloni & Larissa Zolotareva (23 Pgs)

Classroom Focus: Spain

Reflective Teaching in EFL: Integrating Theory and Practices; Santiago Posteguillo & Juan C. Palmer

On the Internet

Creating A Universally Accessible WWW; Jim Duber

Media Articles & Reviews

Language Adventure 1; Reviewed by Lola Grau

Alexis, the Encomium TOEIC Test Preparation System; Reviewed by Maggie Sokolik



Carol Keiser Bishop (1997), Under the Lens: A Look at the American Media; Reviewed by Sorel Friedman

Janet Giannotti (1999), Bookmarks: A Companion Text for Kindred; Reviewed by Sorel Friedman

Loretta S. Gray (1999), Mastering Idiomatic English; and Jon Wright (1999), Idioms Organiser; Reviewed by Sorel Friedman

Lynn Henrichsen, Brent Green, Atsuko Nishitani, and Carol Lynne Bagley (1999), Pronunciation Matters; and Laura Hahn and Wayne Dickerson (1999), Speechcraft: Discourse Pronunciation for Advanced Learners; Reviewed byKaren Woodman

Janet Lane and Ellen Lange (1999), Writing Clearly: An Editing Guide (2nd ed.); Reviewed by George L. Greaney

Planaria J. Price (1999), Eureka! Discovering American English and Culture through Proverbs, Fables, Myths, and Legends; Reviewed by Sabrina Voelz

Allyson Rothburd (1999), Grandparents are Special; Reviewed by Lola Grau

M. E. Sokolik (1999), Rethinking America; Reviewed by Thomas Leverett

Louis J. Spaventa and Marilynn L. Spaventa (1997), Writing to Learn: From Paragraph to Essay; Reviewed by Helen Brittan

Teacher Resource Books: New Ways in TESOL Series: Innovative Classroom Techniques

Alvino E. Fantini (editor) (1997), New Ways in Teaching Culture; Reviewed by M. E. Sokolik

Marilyn Lewis (editor) (1997), New Ways in Teaching Adults; and Donna Brinton and Peter Master (editors) (1997), New Ways in Content-Based Instruction; Reviewed by Karen Woodman

Nikhat Shameem and Makhan Tickoo (editors) (1999), New Ways in Using Communicative Games in Language Teaching; Reviewed by Nicole Décuré

Deborah J. Short (editor) (1999), New Ways in Teaching English at the Secondary Level; Reviewed by Silvia Bruti

Other Teacher Resource Books

Douglas Biber, Stig Johansson, Geoffrey Leach, Susan Conrad, & Edward Finegan (1999), Longman Grammar of Spoken and Written English; Reviewed by Jim Bame

David Corson (1999), Language Policy in Schools: A Resource for Teachers and Administrators; Reviewed by Gavin Brown

Joy Egbert and Elizabeth Hanson-Smith (editors) (1999), CALL Environments: Research, Practice, and Critical Issues; Reviewed by Carmen Pinilla Padilla

Linda Harklau, Kay M. Losey, and Meryl Siegal (editors) (1999), Generation 1.5 Meets College Composition: Issues in the Teaching of Writing to U.S.-Educated Learners of ESL; Reviewed by George L. Greaney

Karen E. Johnson (1999), Understanding Language Teaching: Reasoning in Action; Reviewed by John M. Graney

Kathleen Kitao and Kenji Kitao (1999), Fundamentals of English Language Teaching, and Essentials of English Language Testing; Reviewed by Wayne Trotman

Mary Ziemer (1999), Grammar Contexts: A Resource Guide for Interactive Practice; Reviewed by Neil J. Anderson

Language Acquisition

Sandra G. Kouritzin (1999), Face(t)s of First Language Loss; Reviewed by Wayne Trotman


Suzanne Romaine (1999), Communicating Gender; Reviewed by Gergana Vitanova

Response from the Author to…

Dean Papajohn, Toward Speaking Excellence: The Michigan Guide to Maximizing Your Performance on the TSE® Test and SPEAK® Test; Reviewed by Sharon Myers