Volume 3, Number 3 — September 1998

A Word from the Editors…


Data-collecting on Reading-writing Strategies: A Comparison of Instruments: A Case Study; Adina Levine and Thea Reves (16 Pgs)

Increasing students’ awareness of genre through text transformation exercises: An old classroom activity revisited; Tim Caudery (21 Pgs)


Teacher Evaluations; Maggie Sokolik, Compiler

On the Internet

Macromedia’s “Design in Motion Suite” Reviewed; Jim Duber

Conference Watcher

Listings as of October 1998;
Current version direct from Roy Cochrun’s web site



Bowen, Tim (1997), Build Your Business Grammar; and MacKenzie, Ian (1997), Management and Marketing; Reviewed by Brett Berquist

Delk, Cheryl L. (1997), Discovering American Culture; Reviewed by Helen Huntley

Kluger-Bell, Barry and the School for the Exploratorium (1995), The Exploratorium Guide to Scale and Structure; Reviewed by Dan Janes

Martinez, Ron (1997), Conversation Lessons: The Natural Language of Conversation; Reviewed by Nicole Décuré

Remacha Esteras, Santiago (1996), InfoTech: English for Computer Users; Reviewed by Michael Vallance

Seal, Bernard (1997), Academic Encounters: Reading, Study Skills, and Writing. Content Focus: Human Behavior; Reviewed by Clark A. Richardson

Smalzer, William. R. (1997), Write To Be Read: Reading, Reflection and Writing; Reviewed by Rupert Herington

Williamson, Julia A.and Jill C. Vincent (1996), Film is Content: A Study Guide for the Advanced ESL Classroom; Reviewed by Sorel Friedman

Teacher Resource Books

Dyson, Anne Haas with the San Francisco East Bay Teacher Study Group (1997), What Difference Does Difference Make? Teacher Reflections on Diversity, Literacy, and the Urban Primary School; Reviewed by Arif Altun

Hewitt, Ian E. (1996), Edutainment: How to Teach Language With Fun and Games; Reviewed by Dieter Kranz

Hill, Jimmie and Michael Lewis (1997), Dictionary of Selected Collocations; Reviewed by Nicolas R. Cueto

Routman, Regie (1996), Literacy at the Crossroads: Crucial Talk About Reading, Writing, and Other Teaching Dilemmas; Reviewed by John Graney

Tucker, Amy (1995), Decoding ESL: International Students in the American College Classroom; Reviewed by Margi L. Wald

Language Acquisition and Bilingualism

Lvovich, Natasha (1997), The Multilingual Self : An Inquiry into Language Learning; Reviewed by Tim Caudery

Morgan, James L. & Katherine Demuth (Eds.) (1996), Signal to Syntax: Bootstrapping from Speech to Grammar in Early Acquisition; and
Sokolov, Jeffrey L. & Catherine E. Snow (Eds.) (1994), Handbook of Research in Language Development Using CHILDES; and
Budwig, Nancy (1995), A Developmental-Functionalist Approach to Child Language; Reviewed by Marion Myhill


Torres, Lourdes (1997), Puerto Rican Discourse: A Sociolinguistic Study of a New York Suburb; Reviewed by Alicia Pousada

Response to a Previous Review

Comments on ‘Talk about It! An Integrated Approach to Bold, Dynamic Topics’; by Melinda Sayavedra, co-author; and
Reviewer’s Response; by Nicole Décuré