Volume 3, Number 2 — March 1998

A Word from the Editors…


Interplay Between Reading Tasks, Reader Variables and Unknown Word Processing; Adina Levine and Thea Reves (16 Pgs)

Questioning author(ity): ESL/EFL, science, and teaching about plagiarism; Sharon Myers (14 Pgs)

Usefulness and Enjoyableness of Teaching Materials as Predictors of On-task Behavior; Matthew Peacock (12 Pgs)


Teaching Demonstrations; Jack Carrel

On the Internet

Delivering Video-Based Content on the Net; Jim Duber

Media Reviews

TESL Meta-Sites on the Internet: A Review; Jasmin Harvey

WriteExpress Interactive Business Letters; Dieter Kranz

Conference Watcher

Listings as of March 1998;
Current version direct from Roy Cochrun’s web site



Butler, Linda (1996), The ESL Reader’s Companion to Of Mice and Men;
The ESL Reader’s Companion to The Light in the Forest;
The ESL Reader’s Companion to The House on Mango Street; and
Gareis, Elisabeth, Martina S. Allard, Susan Gill, and Jacqueline J. Saindon (1997), A Novel Approach: Being There; Reviewed by Sorel Friedman

Bryan, Joyce, Leslie Bishop, and Melinda Roth Sayavedra (1997), Talk about It! An Integrated Approach to Bold, Dynamic Topics; Reviewed by Nicole Decuré

Folse, Keith S. (1996), Beginning Reading Practices: Building Reading and Vocabulary Strategies; Reviewed by Arif Altun

Heyer, Sandra (1996), True Stories in the News: A Beginning Reader; Reviewed by Alana J. Leichert

Johnson, Lisa, Lynne Lewey, and Elizabeth Chafcoulof (1996), Apply Yourself: English For Job Search and Success; Reviewed by Wendy B. Schatzman

Madden, Carolyn G., and Theresa N. Rohlck (1997), Discussion.and Interaction in the Academic Community; Reviewed by József Horváth

Teacher Resource Books

Fotos, Sandra (1997), Multimedia Language Teaching; Reviewed by Tim Newfields &
Randall Davis

Language Acquisition and Bilingualism

de Groot, Annette M.B., and Judith F. Kroll (Eds.) (1997), Tutorials in Bilingualism: Psycholinguistic Perspectives; Reviewed by Jane Crawford

Yule, George (1997), Referential Communication Tasks; Reviewed by Robert Retherford


Campbell, Anne (1995), Bridging Cultures; Reviewed by Chris Murphy

Gutknecht, Christoph, and Lutz J. Rolle (1996), Translating by Factors; Reviewed by Juan Bosco Camón