Volume 20, Number 3 – November 2016

A Word from the Editors…


Editor: Maggie Sokolik

Feature Articles

Lilian Ya-Hui Chang, ‘Good’ Language Teachers: Divergent Perspectives; pdf (pdf)

Matthew Coomber, Promoting Self-Directed Revision in EFL Writing Classes; pdf (pdf)

N. Eleni Pappamihiel & C. Allen Lynn, Adaptations for English Language Learners: Differentiating Between Linguistic and Instructional Accommodations; pdf (pdf)

Barry Lee Reynolds, The Effects of Target Word Properties on the Incidental Acquisition of Vocabulary Through Reading; pdf (pdf)

Nilüfer Bekleyen & Figen Selimoğlu, Learner Behaviors and Perceptions of Autonomous Language Learning; pdf (pdf)


Editor: Vance Stevens

David Winet, Mobile Instant Messaging In the ESL Writing Class, pdf (pdf)


Media Articles & Reviews

Editors: Thomas Delaney & Sarah Huffman

Ecopod: Survival; Reviewed by Kathryn J. Carpenterpdf (pdf)


Editor: Okim Kang

Teacher Resources

Christopher Stillwell Ed. (2015), Language Teaching Insights from Other Fields: Psychology, Business, Brain Science and More; Reviewed by Jeanne Hindpdf (pdf)

Linda Grant (Ed.) (2014), Pronunciation Myths: Applying Second Language Research to Classroom Teaching; Reviewed by Rita M. Van Dyke-Kao
pdf (pdf)