Volume 20, Number 2 – August 2016

A Word from the Editors…


Editor: Maggie Sokolik

Feature Articles

Benjamin L. McMurry, Richard Edward West, Peter J. Rich, David Dwayne Williams, Neil J. Anderson & K. James Hartshorn, An Evaluation Framework for CALL; pdf (pdf)

Gilbert Dizon, Measuring Japanese EFL Student Perceptions of Internet-Based Tests with the Technology Acceptance Model; pdf (pdf)

Justin Nicholes, Measuring the Impact of Language-Learning Software on Test Performance of Chinese Learners of English; pdf (pdf)

Haidee Elizabeth Thomson, Presenting Lexical Bundles for Explicit Noticing with Schematic Linguistic Representation; pdf (pdf)

Feng Teng, An In-depth Investigation into the Relationship between Vocabulary Knowledge and Academic Listening Comprehension; pdf (pdf)


Editor: Vance Stevens

Ilka Kostka & Veronika Maliborska, Using Turnitin to Provide Feedback on L2 Writers’ Texts, pdf (pdf)


Editor: Scott Alkire

Kató Lomb, With Languages in Mind: Musings of a Polyglot. Translated by Ádám Szegi (212 Pages, PDF only; link opens in new page)


Media Articles & Reviews

Editors: Thomas Delaney & Sarah Huffman

Kahoot!; Reviewed by Chaoyi Ren & John Wagner pdf (pdf)


Editor: Okim Kang


Laurie Blass & Jessica Williams (2015), 21st Century Reading 4: Creative Thinking and Reading with TED Talks, ; Reviewed by Xiaoli Yu pdf (pdf)

Lewis Lansford (2014), Unlock Listening and Speaking Skills 4; Reviewed by Veronica Wright & Katherine Eccles pdf (pdf)

Keith Folse (2014), Great Writing: Foundations; Reviewed by Mais F. Al-Jabbawi pdf (pdf)

Teacher Resources

Kyle McIntosh, Carolina Pelaez-Morales, & Tony Silva (2016), Graduate Studies in Second Language (L2) Writing; Reviewed by Shyam Bahadur Pandey pdf (pdf)