Volume 2, Number 4 — June 1997

A Word from the Editors…


Listening to Lectures in L2; Taking Notes in L1; Shira Koren (16 Pgs) pdf (pdf)
Teaching Writing as a Process and Teaching Sentence-Level Syntax: Reformulation as ESL Composition Feedback; Sharon Myers (16 Pgs) pdf (pdf)


The Very Heart of English? On Culture, Language, and the Native Speaker’s Head; Zsuzsanna Ardó;
A response to “The very heart of English? On culture, language and the native speaker’s head”; Tim Caudery;
The Author’s Response; Zsuzsanna Ardó pdf (pdf)

On the Internet

Report from the Trenches; Jim Duber pdf (pdf)

Media Reviews

Oregon Trail II; Stan Johnson pdf (pdf)

Conference Watcher

Current version direct from Roy Cochrun’s web site



Eric Burton and Lois Maharg (1995), Going Places: Picture-Based English, Books 1 and 2; Reviewed by Cheol-Houn Lee pdf (pdf)
Susan M. Gass and Natalie Lefkowitz (1995), Varieties of English; Reviewed by Alfredo Marin pdf (pdf)
Mary S. Lawrence (1996), Writing as a Thinking Process; Reviewed by Robert Retherford pdf (pdf)
Mark Powell (1996), Business Matters: The Business Course with a Lexical Approach; Reviewed by Rebecca Long pdf (pdf)
Amy L. Tickle (1995), Ecology and the Environment: A Look at Ecosystems of the World; Reviewed by Sorel Friedman pdf (pdf)

Teacher Resource Books

JoAnn Crandall and Joy Kreeft Peyton (eds.) (1993), Approaches to Adult ESL Literacy Instruction; Reviewed by Thomas Nixon pdf (pdf)
Jerry G. Gebhard (1996), Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language: A Teacher Self-Development and Methodology Guide; Reviewed by Rita Silver
pdf (pdf)

Second Language Acquisition

David J. Mendelsohn and Joan Rubin (eds.) (1995), Guide for the Teaching of Second Language Listening; Reviewed by Nicole Decuré pdf (pdf)
Keith Johnson (1996), Language Teaching and Skill Learning; Reviewed by Anita Pincas pdf (pdf)


John M. Henderson, Murray Singer, and Fernanda Ferreira (1995), Reading and Language Processing; Reviewed by Brett Berquist pdf (pdf)
Charles A. Weaver III, Suzanne Manne, and Charles Fletcher (1995), Discourse Comprehension: Essays in Honor of Walter Kintsch; Reviewed by Robert Retherford pdf (pdf)