Volume 2, Number 2 — September 1996

A Word from the Editors…


Analytic and Systemic Analyses of Computer-Supported Language Learning Environments; Joy L. Egbert & Leonard M. Jessup (24 Pgs)

On the Internet

Shockwave Rules; Jim Duber

Media Reviews

Triple Play Plus! English; Vicky Passion Graff

TOEFL Mentor; Thomas N. Robb

Conference Watcher

Current version direct from Roy Cochrun’s web site



Review of Business Materials

Fournier, Carol Ann, Open for Business: Communication Activities for Students of English;
MacKenzie, Ian (1995), Financial English with Mini-Dictionary of Finance;
Bartell, Karen H. (1995), American Business English; Reviewed by Susana Christie

Teacher Resource Books

Cummins, Jim and Dennis Sayers (1995), Brave New Schools: Challenging Cultural Illiteracy Through Global Learning Networks; Reviewed by Linda Foley-Vinay

Genesee, Fred (Ed.) (1994), Educating Second Language Children: The Whole Child, the Whole Curriculum, The Whole Community; Reviewed by Patricia Prinz

Routman, Regie (1991), Invitations: Changing as Teachers and Learners K-12;
Routman, Regie (1994), The Blue Pages: Resources for Teachers; Reviewed by Robert Retherford

Weinstein-Shr, Gail & Elizabeth Quintero (Eds.) (1995), Immigrant Learners and Their Families ; Reviewed by Christina Hvitfeldt


Adegbija, Efurosibina (1994), Language Attitudes in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Sociolinguistic Overview; Reviewed by Augustus Kwaa

Gupta, Anthea Fraser (1994), The Step-tongue: Children’s English in Singapore; Reviewed by Susan Gwee