Volume 18, Number 4 – February 2015

A Word from the Editors…


Editor: Maggie Sokolik

Feature Articles

Kadriye Dilek Akpınar & Mehmet Bardakçı, The Effect of Grouping and Presenting Collocations on Retention; pdf (pdf)

James Cohen & Corrine M. Wickens, Speaking English and the Loss of Heritage Language; pdf (pdf)

Ali Derakhshan & Zohreh Eslami-Rasekh, The Effect of Consciousness-raising Instruction on the Pragmatic Development of Apology and Request; pdf (pdf)

Emily Edwards & Peter Stewart Roger, Seeking Out Challenges to Develop L2 Self-Confidence: A Language Learner’s Journey to Proficiency; pdf (pdf)

Amy S. Thompson & Zeynep Erdil-Moody, The Role of Turkish Lessons and Reflective Practice in Teaching SLA as Content; pdf (pdf)

Lilly K. Yazdanpanah, A Quantitative Investigation of ESL Teacher Knowledge in Australian Adult Education; pdf (pdf)


Editor: Vance Stevens

Jeff Kuhn, Meaningful Play – Making Professional Development Fun, pdf (pdf)


Media Articles & Reviews

Editors: Thomas Delaney & Sarah Huffman

Ryan Eller, Phonetics: The Sounds of American English, pdf (pdf)


Editors: Spencer Salas & Okim Kang

Classroom Texts

Amy Gillett (2013, Fifth Edition), Speak English like an American (Book and CD); Reviewed by Melinda Cuyul, pdf (pdf)

Emily Austin Thrush, Robert Baldwin & Laurie Blass (2013), Interactions Access Listening/Speaking Sixth Edition; Reviewed by Tatiana Shulyateva, pdf (pdf)

Resources & Teacher Education

Tim Murphy & Jon Tan (2012), Service-Learning and Educating in Challenging Contexts: International Perspectives; Reviewed by Laura Handler, pdf (pdf)

Jane D. Hill & Kirsten B. Miller (2013), Classroom Instruction that Works with English Language Learners 2nd Edition; Reviewed by Tanaya Kapoor, pdf (pdf)