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Welcome to the February issue of TESL-EJ. With this issue, we close out our 17th volume. We are also moving close to our 20th anniversary.

We are especially proud of this issue. You will find an invited article by Huw Jarvis and Stephen Krashen, which I think you will enjoy a lot. We are happy that Professors Jarvis and Krashen chose TESL-EJ as their venue for publishing this article, and we’re happy to share it with you all.

As we move towards our 20th anniversary, our social media editor, József Horváth, reports:

2013 was a banner year for TESL-EJ. According to our statistics, there were almost a million visits: 945,150, to be exact. For a journal, impressive indeed. When diving deeper into the stats, we can see confirmation that thousands of our readers looked up our pages several times, providing some evidence that we served their interests well. In terms of page views, the top ten countries last year were United States, China, Great Britain, Canada, France, Indonesia, Iran, Philippines, Japan, and India.

As many of you may know, news about the journal can also be found on our Facebook pages, where over 4,200 members have registered so far. Our Facebook colleagues are free to share views and information related to their specific professional interests. We hope that the journal pages and our social media presence complement each other in a way that our readers find engaging.

We are planning to reach out to you via other channels, too. Google Hangouts, within Google Plus, seems like an easy-to-use technique when we had our first TESL-EJ reader and editor meeting last summer. If you are interested in chatting with other readers and journal staff, please consider joining our Google Plus community at

In addition, you will find more than our usual number of articles, and on a wide number of subjects. We’re sure you’ll find something enjoyable and insightful to read.

TESL-EJ is growing, to use a cliché, by leaps and bounds. We are in great need of more reviewers for articles, copy-editors, and other assistance. If you would like to volunteer to be part of our team, please send an email to

We thank you for following us on Facebook ( and Twitter (, and for supporting the journal.

Maggie Sokolik

Thomas Robb

Seyed Abdollah Shahrokni
Submissions Editor

Aaron Campbell
Technical Editor

József Horváth
Social Media Editor