Volume 16, Number 4 – March 2013

A Word from the Editors…

Feature Articles

Editor: Maggie Sokolik

Ran Hu, Task-Based Language Teaching: Responses from Chinese Teachers of English; pdf (pdf)
Huw Jarvis, From Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) to Mobile Assisted Language Use (MALU); pdf (pdf)
Zia Tajeddin & Dina Daraee, Vocabulary Acquisition through Written Input: Effects of Form-focused, Message-oriented, and Comprehension Tasks; pdf (pdf)

On the Internet

Editor: Vance Stevens

Vance Stevens, What’s with the MOOCs?, pdf (pdf)

Media Articles & Reviews

Editors: Thomas Delaney & Sarah Huffman

Eman Elturki, Gramster II, pdf (pdf)
Sinem Sonsaat, Pronunciation in English, pdf (pdf)


Editors: Spencer Salas & Paul Fitchett

Classroom Texts

Nancy E. Dolahite & Julie Huan (2012), Sourcework, Second Edition; Reviewed by Laura Ballard, pdf (pdf)

Resources & Teacher Education

B. Kumaravadivelu (2012), Language Teacher Education for a Global Society: A Modular Model for Knowing, Analyzing, Recognizing, Doing and Seeing; Reviewed by Elena Tosky King, pdf (pdf)
Dale T. Griffee (2012), An Introduction to Second Language Research Methods: Design and Data; Reviewed by Eunjeong Lee, pdf (pdf)
Michael Rost (2011), Teaching and Researching Listening (2nd ed.); Reviewed by Beth Sheppard, pdf (pdf)
Glayol Ekbatani (2011) , Measurement and Evaluation in Post-Secondary ESL; Reviewed by Jayoung Song, pdf (pdf)
Kira J. Baker-Doyle (August 2011), The Networked Teacher: How New Teachers Build Social Networks for Professional Support ; Reviewed by Francine Romain, pdf (pdf)
Erhabor Ighodaro & Greg Wiggan (2011), Curriculum Violence: America’s New Civil Rights Issue; Reviewed by Marcia J. Watson, pdf (pdf)