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September 2012—Volume 16, Number 2


We are pleased to announce our 62nd issue of TESL-EJ. We would like to thank our many new reviewers for volunteering their time and energy towards the review process. Additionally, our “old” reviewers, who have been helping us for years, deserve huge kudos! Of course, none of this could be done without our staff, all who work for no pay but continue their hard work to make this journal a reality. If you would like to join us, please send us a message!

We would also like to take this opportunity to announce our next special issue. Please see the information below.

Best wishes,

Maggie Sokolik

Thomas Robb
Seyed Abdollah Shahrokni
Submissions Editor

Aaron Campbell
Technical Editor

Call for Papers
Special Issue, September 2013
Classrooms in Context

The September 2013 issue will be devoted to classroom research conducted in a variety of contexts worldwide. We are especially interested in classroom contexts that may receive less coverage than others. For instance, that research done with small groups, or in non-traditional or less-reported-on classroom settings. We are interested in providing a venue for research on EFL/ESL teaching done in situations that may not be well represented in the research literature. With English still being one of the most taught second languages in the world, it is certain there are many formal and informal classroom settings that remain unaccounted for, and that have an effect on the learning on the classroom participants.

All submissions will go through the regular review process.

Deadline for submission at our submissions site (

May 1, 2013

Please note on your submissions information that it is for consideration in the special issue.

Maggie Sokolik, Editor, TESL-EJ
UC Berkeley

Greta Gorsuch, Applied Linguistics & Second Language Studies
Texas Tech University