Volume 15, Number 2 — September 2011

A Word from the Editors…

Special Issue: Pragmatics and Teacher Education

Managing Editor: Maggie Sokolik
Special Issue Editor: Zohreh R. Eslami

Camilla Vásquez & Amy Fioramonte, Integrating Pragmatics into the MA-TESL Program: Perspectives from Former Students, pdf (pdf)
Noriko Ishihara, Co-Constructing Pragmatic Awareness: Instructional Pragmatics in EFL Teacher Development in Japan, pdf (pdf)
Heidi Vellenga, Teaching L2 Pragmatics: Opportunities for Continuing Professional Development, pdf (pdf)
Jill C. Murray, Do Bears Fly? Revisiting Conversational Implicature in Instructional Pragmatics, pdf (pdf)
Zohreh R. Eslami, In Their Own Voices: Reflections of Native and Nonnative English Speaking TESOL Graduate Students on On-Line Pragmatic Instruction to EFL Learners, pdf (pdf)

On the Internet

Editor: Vance Stevens

Sean Dowling, Web-based Learning: Moving from Learning Islands to Learning Environments, pdf (pdf)

Media Articles & Reviews

Editors: Thomas Delaney & Maja Grgurovic

Chi-Cheung Ruby Yang, Using Microsoft Photo Story for Digital Storytelling in the Language Classroom, pdf (pdf)


Editors: Spencer Salas & Paul Fitchett

Classroom Texts

Joan McCormack, Sebastian Watkins, Jonathan Smith, Annette Margolis (2010), English for Academic Study: Speaking and Pronunciation; Reviewed by Charlotte Remmel, pdf (pdf)
Jaimie Scanlon (2011), Q: Skills for Success — Listening and Speaking 1; Reviewed by Jacqueline Church & Pakize Uldag, pdf (pdf)
Edward McBride (2009), Downtown Basic: English for Work and Life; Reviewed by Eman Eltukri and Ibtesam Hussein, pdf (pdf)

Resources & Teacher Education

Adrienne L. Herrell & Michael Jordan (3rd Edition) (2008), Fifty Strategies For Teaching English Language Learners; Reviewed by Amy Beavers, pdf (pdf)
Martha Minow (2010), In Brown’s Wake: Legacies of America’s Educational Landmark; Reviewed by Michelle Plaisance, pdf (pdf)
Ayers, R. & Ayers, W. (2011), Teaching the Taboo; Reviewed by Cicely Scheiner-Fisher, pdf (pdf)
Mika Yoshimoto (2008), Cracking the Metaphors in Ideological and Poetic Discourse in the Third Space; Reviewed by Carla Herewini, pdf (pdf)
Xiaoye You (2010), Writing in the Devil’s Tongue: A History of English Composition in China.; Reviewed by Dan Zhong, pdf (pdf)