Volume 13, Number 1 — June 2009

A Word from the Editors…

Feature Articles

Editor: Greta Vollmer

Self-Repair in Oral Production by Intermediate Chinese Learners of English; Jiangtao Liu (15 Pgs) pdf (pdf)
Oral Competency of ESL Technical Students in Workplace Internships; Johanne Myles (24 Pgs) pdf (pdf)
A Preliminary Study of Teacher Code-switching in Secondary English and Science in Malaysia; David Chen-On Then & Su-Hie Ting (17 Pgs) pdf (pdf)

On the Internet

Editor: Vance Stevens

Online Conferences and Teacher Professional Development: SLanguages and WiAOC 2009; Vance Stevens & Gavin Dudeney pdf (pdf)

Media Articles & Reviews

Editors: Thomas Delaney & Maja Grgurovic

EnglishClub.Com; Reviewed by HyunGyung Lee pdf (pdf)
Breaking News English; Reviewed by Su-Su Hung pdf (pdf)
EnglishPage.Com; Reviewed by Lijun Yuan pdf (pdf)


Editor: Will Seng

Classroom Texts

Kim Sanabria & Carlos Sanabria (2008), Academic Listening Encounters: American Studies; Reviewed by James Smith pdf (pdf)
Cate Farrall & Marianne Lindsley (2008), Professional English in Use: Marketing; Reviewed by Alisa Yi-Ting Tu pdf (pdf)
Marianne Brems (2008), Catalyst: Writing from Reading 2 ; Reviewed by Bal Krishna Sharma pdf (pdf)

Teacher Resources

Simon Haines (2006), Advanced Skills: A Resource Book of Advanced-Level Skills Activities; Reviewed by Hall Houston pdf (pdf)
I.S.P. Nation (2009), Teaching ESL/EFL Reading and Writing; Reviewed by Lauren Stephenson pdf (pdf)
Joy Reid, Editor (2008), Writing Myths: Applying Second Language Research to Classroom Teaching; Reviewed by Li-Shih Huang pdf (pdf)
Christine Pearson Casanave & Xiaoming Li, Eds. (2008), Learning the Literacy Practices of Graduate School: Insiders’ Reflections on Academic Enculturation; Reviewed by Soyoung Burke pdf (pdf)

SLA & Sociolinguistics

Ilona Leki, Alister Cumming & Tony Silva (2008), A Synthesis of Research on Second Language Writing In English; Reviewed by Zoltán Lukácsi pdf (pdf)

Language Policy

Ofelia García (2008), Bilingual Education in the 21st Century: A Global Perspective; Reviewed by Suad Alazzam-Alwidyan pdf (pdf)