Volume 10, Number 1 — June 2006

A Word from the Editors…

Feature Articles

Editor: Maggie Sokolik

Standard Setting for the Next Generation TOEFL Academic Speaking Test (TAST); Dean Papajohn (9 Pgs), pdf (pdf)
Timed Versus At-Home Assessment Tests: Does Time Affect the Quality of Second Language Learners’ Written Compositions?; Roger Kenworthy (13 Pgs) pdf (pdf)
Language Learning Experience as a Contributor to ESOL Teacher Cognition; Elizabeth Margaret Ellis (26 Pgs) pdf (pdf)


Editor: Jesús García Laborda

Native or non native — Can we still wonder who is better?; Jesús García Laborda pdf (pdf)

On the Internet

Editor: Vance Stevens

Worldbridges: The Potential of Live, Interactive Webcasting; Jeff Lebow pdf (pdf)

Media Articles & Reviews

Editors: Thomas Delaney & Maja Grgurovic

Issues In English 2; Reviewed by Ian Brownpdf (pdf)


Editor: Will Seng

Classroom Texts

Stephen Cary (2004), Going Graphic: Comics at Work in the Multilingual Classroom; Reviewed by Ted O’Neill pdf (pdf)
Felixa Eskey (2005), Tech Talk: Better English through Reading in Science and Technology; Reviewed by Nathaniel Carneypdf (pdf)
Lori Langer de Ramirez (2006), Voices of Diversity: Stories, Activities, and Resources for the Multicultural Classroom; Reviewed by Wolf Kozel pdf (pdf)
Norman Whitby (2006), Business Benchmark: Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate
Guy Brook-Hart (2006), Business Benchmark: Upper Intermediate;
Reviewed by Fiona Cromarty-Lawtiepdf (pdf)

Teacher Resources

Mary Ann Christison (2005), Multiple Intelligences and Language Learning: A Guidebook of Theory, Activities, Inventories, and Resources; Reviewed by John M. Graneypdf (pdf)
John de Szendeffy (2005), A Practical Guide to Using Computers in Language Teaching; Reviewed by Jesús García Laborda pdf (pdf)

Language Theory

Zoltan Dornyei (2005), The Psychology of the Language Learner: Individual Differences in Second Language Acquisition; Reviewed by Ying Zheng pdf (pdf)
Michael Swan (2005), Grammar; Reviewed by Elisa Perego pdf (pdf)

Language Policy

George Braine, Ed. (2005), Teaching English to the World: History, Curriculum and Practice; Reviewed by Antonio R. Roldán Tapia pdf (pdf)