Volume 1, Number 4

A Word from the Editors…


L2 Classroom Transcripts: Data in Search of a Methodology?; Paul Seedhouse (37 Pgs)

The Man who Mistook “Wet Paint” for a Verb: A Chronicle for Thinking about Language, Culture and Writing; Marcia Pally & Abou Diallo (32 Pgs)

What the “Process Approach” Means to Practising Teachers; Tim Caudery (17 Pgs)


Thoughts on the Need to (Re)Claim, Explain, Define ESL/EFL/ESP; Janet Sutherland, Forum Editor

On the Internet

EX*CHANGE World-Wide Web Site; Heidi Shetzer

Favorite CALL Links on the Web; Jim Duber

Media Reviews

English Tutor [CD-ROM and software]; Lawrence Cisar

Conference Watcher

Current version direct from Roy Cochrun’s web site



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Newman, C.M., Grognett, A.G., and Crandall, J. (1993), LifePrints: ESL for Adults, Books One and Two; Reviewed by Deborah Levy

Teacher Resource Books

Close, R.A. (1993), A Teacher’s Grammar: An Approach to the Central Problems of English; Reviewed by Thomas Leverett

Fox, H. (1994), Listening to the World: Cultural Issues in Academic Writing; Reviewed by M.E. Sokolik

Lewis, M. and Hill, J. (1992), Practical Techniques for Language Teaching , rev. ed.; Reviewed by Thomas K. Stoffer

Wei, L. (1994), Three Generations, Two Languages, One Family: Language Choice and Language Shift in a Chinese Community in Britain; Reviewed by A. Suresh Canagarajah