Volume 1, Number 3

A Word from the Editors…


Meeting In The Writing Center: The Field of ESL; Lynne Ronesi (9 Pgs)

Remote ELT Training: Client-Centeredness as a Bridge from Theory to Practice; John W. Bagnole and Neil J. Anderson (12 Pgs)
A Computer-Mediated Scientific Writing Program; Roy Bowers (7 Pgs)

On the Internet

Traveling the Internet: Top 10 Stops for ESL/EFL Teachers and Students; M.E. Sokolik

Media Reviews

The Swiss Family Robinson: An Island Adventure [CD-ROM]; Phil Plourde

Conference Watcher

Current version direct from Roy Cochrun’s web site



Graham, Carolyn (1991), Rhythm and Role Play; Reviewed by Lloyd Rogers

Ashkenas, J. (1985, 1991), Comics and Conversation; Reviewed by Nancy Nishimura


Bailey, J. (1988, 1992), Begin in English, Vol. I & II; Reviewed by Kristin A. Weidlein

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Keller, R. (1992), The Kite Flyer and The Orange Grove; Reviewed by Christine I. Hawkes-Lewis

Text Series, Writers’ Voices; Reviewed by Liz Mejia

Content-Based Readers

Bailey, J. (1994), From the Beginning: A First Reader in American History; Reviewed by Isabelle Kreindler

Teacher Resource Books

Auerbach, E. R. (1992), Making Meaning, Making Change; Reviewed by David Ross

Nash, A. (1992), Talking Shop; Reviewed by Lisa K. Miller

Coelho, E. (1994), Learning Together in the Multicultural Classroom; Reviewed by Mary J. Schleppegrell

Holt, D. D. (1993), Cooperative Learning; Reviewed by Jane Crawford

Cohen, A. (1994), Assessing Language Ability in the Classroom; Reviewed by Robert Bayley


Conru, P., et al. (1992), Speaking of Languages; Reviewed by Margy Lawrence

Rubin, J. & I. Thompson (1994), How to be a More Successful Language Learner; Reviewed by Gene Halleck

Second Language Acquisition Textbooks

Brown, H.D. (1994), Principles of Language Learning and Teaching; Reviewed by Shirley Ostler

Cook, V. (1993), Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition; Reviewed by Kenneth R. Rose

Gass, S. & L. Selinker (1994), Second Language Acquisition; Reviewed by Herb Purnell

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Review essay, Examining the Plethora of Second Language Acquisition Textbooks; Reviewed by Robert Yates

Workbook in Second Language Data Analysis

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Second Language Acquisition Research Methodology

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