Volume 1, Number 2

August 1994


Inauthentic Authenticity or Authentic Inauthenticity – the Psuedo-Problem of Authenticity in the Language Classroom; David Taylor (12 Pgs) pdfpdf
Ad-hoc English and Creolized Corporate Culture: Translingual and Intercultural Communication in a Japanese Computer-Assembly Plant in Germany; Janet Sutherland (16 Pgs) pdfpdf
Using Newspapers On CD-ROM as a Resource; Paul Seedhouse (7 Pgs) pdfpdf

Media Reviews

Quick English, Reviewed by Pamela Couch

Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia; Reviewed by Carol Houser Pineiro


Language Maintenance: A Conversation with Carol Renner; Janet Sutherland

Discussion: Linguistic Accomodation; Janet Sutherland

On the Internet

Talking Documents; John Higgins

Conference Watcher

Current version direct from Roy Cochrun’s web site


Ruth A. Berman and Dan Isaac Slobin Relating Events in Narrative: A Crosslinguistic Developmental Study; James Paul Gee

Ruth A. Berman and Dan Isaac Slobin Why Narrativizing A Wordless Picture Book Is Not Artificial — A Response to Jim Gee’s review; Reviewed by Michael Bamberg

James Tollefson American Ways:A Guide for Foreigners in the United States ; Reviewed by Deborah Levy

Michael Lewis The Lexical Approach ; Reviewed by Anca M. Nemoianu

Karin D. Dahl, ed. Teacher as Writer: Entering The Professional Conversation ; Reviewed by Rory S. Baskin

Craig Storti The Art of Crossing Cultures ; Reviewed by Mary Elliott