Volume 1, Number 1

April 1994


TESL-EJ: Conception and Potential of an Electronic Journal; Roland Sussex (60 Pgs)

Using the Internet; Peter White (11 Pgs)

More Articles

The Role of Topic and the Reading/Writing Connection; Barbara L. Kennedy (21 Pgs)

A Guide to Learning Disabilities for the ESL Classroom Practitioner; Christine Root (9 Pgs)

Media Reviews

Romeiser, John, and Geoffrey C. Yerem Learn to Speak English for the Multimedia PC, Ver. 3.0; Reviewed by Jim Buell

Wurzel, Jaime & Nancy Fischman (1993) A Different Place: The Intercultural Classroom; Reviewed by Carol Houser Pineiro


Whose English Is It?; P.B. Nayar

On the Internet

Project Gutenberg; Michael Hart


Pakenham, Kenneth J. Making Connections: An Interactive Approach to Academic Reading; Reviewed by Thomas A. Upton

Tollefson, James Planning Language, Planning Inequality; Reviewed by Ester J. deJong

Matthiesen, Steven J. Essential Words for the TOEFL; Reviewed by Marsha Bensoussan