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TESL-EJ Media Information on Inserting Screenshots

These are basic instructions for capturing graphics on a PC--the process is much simpler if graphics software other than Paint is available.
  1. On a PC, press the "Print Screen" key (located on the upper right side of the keyboard)--this captures whatever is on the screen and puts it on the "clipboard".
  2. Open a graphics program (Adobe Photoshop, for example) or, if this is not available, go to "Accessories:Paint" section on your PC and open the "Paint" program.
  3. Press the keys "Control" and "V", at the same time, to paste your clipboard (or just choose "Paste" from the "Paint" menu). The program will ask if you would like to enlarge the canvas to the size of the image, choose "yes".
  4. Use the crop tool (upper left corner) and highlight the area you want to appear in the graphic. Choose "Cut" from the menu; the area you want to appear in your graphic will disappear and go to your clipboard.
  5. Choose "New" from the menu and open a new Paint canvas; paste the image from your clipboard (Control-V or choose "Paste" from the menu) onto the new paint canvas. Now you will see the graphic for your review.
  6. Save this graphic as a JPG and title it appropriately (ex: Fig1.jpg, etc.). [Do not reduce the size of images unless the resulting JPG file is greater than 300mb in size. The webmaster will take care of reducing the graphics to their final publishable size.]
  7. Inserting your graphic: Place your cursor in your Word document where you want the image to appear. Under the Word menu options choose "Insert:Picture:From File" and locate the image on your hard drive. The picture will be inserted.
  8. Once the picture is inserted in the Word document it becomes an element of the document, so when you forward the document to the Media Reviews Editors there is no need to send the images as a separate attachment.
  9. Repeat these steps until all of your graphics have been inserted into the document.
For additional help with graphics, contact the Media Reviews Editors directly.

Contact Information

Thomas Delaney
Media Review Editor, TESL-EJ
S-mail: American English Institute, 107 Pacific Hall, 5212 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-5212, USA
E-mail: <>

Maja Grgurovic
Media Review Editor, TESL-EJ
S-mail: Department of English, Iowa State University, 206 Ross Hall, Ames, IA 50011, USA
E-mail: <>