March 2009
Volume 12, Number 4

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From the Editors


With this issue, we finish our twelfth volume and 48th issue of TESL-EJ. It's encouraging to see how we continue to grow and change over the years that we've been operating.

One major addition to our mission is that we are now officially a publisher of academic books. Information about book proposal submissions will be forthcoming, but in the meantime, if you have completed an academic text related to second language learning, please contact us. Our first book was Polyglot: How I Learn Languages, by Kató Lomb, translated by Ádám Szegi and Kornelia DeKorne, published in June 2008 ( In the next few months, our second title will be released: Reflective Writing—A Way To Lifelong Teacher Learning, by Jill Burton, Phil Quirke, Carla L Reichmann, and Joy Kreeft Peyton (editors).

We are also pleased to announce our next special issue, which will focus on English education in Iran. We are proud to have had a long relationship with many Iranian scholars—this is an opportunity to further highlight and showcase this research.

Call for Manuscripts

TESL-EJ Special Issue: English Language Education in Iran

Date of Publication: March 2010
Deadline for Submissions: July 15, 2009

Guest Editor: Professor A. Mehdi Riazi, Shiraz University


The March 2010 issue of TESL-EJ will focus on scholarly research perspectives and classroom-based practices related to English language education in Iran.

The editor welcomes submissions of high-quality papers on topics relevant to the English language education in Iran. The following are some suggested, but not limited topics:

  • The socio-cultural and political context of teaching English in Iran
  • Teaching English in educational contexts (schools, universities, private institutes)
  • English language education and the Iranian workplace
  • Issues of ESP in Iranian universities
  • English language testing and assessment in Iran
  • English language program evaluation in Iran
  • English language materials development and evaluation in Iran
  • Methodology of English language teaching in Iran

Send original and unpublished quantitative and qualitative research papers on one of the topics along with the author's name, affiliation, email address, and a 50-word biographical statement.

All submissions must conform to regular TESL-EJ submission guidelines, which you will find linked on the TESL-EJ site.

The deadline for submitting papers is July 15, 2009. Please send full papers and inquiries to either of the emails of the guest editor.

Best wishes,

Maggie Sokolik, Editor

Thomas Robb, Co-Editor