September 2008
Volume 12, Number 2

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Web-Based Music Study: The Effects of Listening Repetition, Song Likeability, and Song Understandability on EFL Learning Perceptions and Outcomes

Robert E. Beasley
Franklin College, Indiana, USA

Yuangshan Chuang
I-Shou University, Taiwan


This study adds to the body of empirical knowledge regarding the use of music in the EFL classroom. This original investigation centered around the following question: Does listening repetition, song likeability, and/or song understandability influence learning environment perceptions, learning perceptions, and/or learning outcomes in Taiwanese EFL learners engaged in web-based music study? The subjects in this study consisted of 196 Taiwanese students. Correlation and regression analyses were performed to determine if any statistically significant relationships existed between the study's variables of interest. The results suggest that both song likeability and song understandability significantly and positively influence web-based learning environment enjoyment, which in turn significantly and positively influences learning perceptions. Implications for practice are offered, including criteria for selecting appropriate songs for use in the EFL process.

Keywords: EFL, ESL, listening comrehension, music, Internet

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