June 2008
Volume 12, Number 1

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From the Editors


With this issue, the first of Volume 12, we begin a new feature, which we hope will encourage a new type of submission. Our "Featured Reading" segment will offer longer texts, such as full-length books or monographs. We invite contributors to submit monographs or book-length pieces. Please submit a query to the Editor prior to submitting an entire manuscript. (See our updated submissions guidelines.) Books and monographs will be published under the TESL-EJ title, but, like all pieces published by TESL-EJ, copyright remains with the author.

We are fortunate to begin this new feature with a translation of Polyglot: How I Learn Languages, by Kató Lomb. This is a fascinating memoir of a gifted language learner, translated by Ádám Szegi and Kornelia DeKorne, and edited by TESL-EJ author, Scott Alkire.

We also have one feature article this issue, "Reducing Listening Test Anxiety Through Various Forms of Listening Support," by Anna Ching-Shyang Chang & John Read, and the usual complement of reviews, as well as the column "On the Internet," this issue, featuring Twitter [].

To repeat a previous request: It takes a lot of people to keep a quarterly publication going, so we would like to invite new reviewers to join us. In addition, we need a copyeditor! If you have copyediting skills and would like to become of the TESL-EJ team, please contact us with a list of your qualifications and experience. (All positions at TESL-EJ are non-paying ones.)

Best wishes,

Maggie Sokolik, Editor

Thomas Robb, Co-Editor