March 2007
Volume 10, Number 4

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From the Editors


We are pleased to announce the publication of issue 10.4, our 40th issue of TESL-EJ. This issue addresses some interesting questions in attitudes in two of our main articles: "Tensions in the Language Learning Experiences and Beliefs of Chinese Teachers of English as a Foreign Language," by Zhen Zeng & Elizabeth Murphy, and "The Impact of Content and Context on International Teaching Assistants' Willingness to Communicate in the Language Classroom," by Lily Compton. In addition, we offer "Literature in the Muslim World: A Bicultural Approach," by Scott & Andrew Alkire.

We are committed to the idea of a dialogue; if you have comments that you would like to share about any of our articles or reviews, please send them to any of our editors for potential publication in a future issue.

As a reminder, we no longer add new issues to the site. Our main site is now Previous issues will remain at the Berkeley site so links to them will still work.

Finally, we'd like to remind you of our next special issue, which is scheduled for September 2007. There is still time to submit an article or review.

Call for Papers September 2007 Issue TESL-EJ Special Issue:
The Current Status and Standards of English Grammar Teaching

The September 2007 issue of TESL-EJ will focus on scholarly research perspectives and classroom-based practices related to the teaching of grammar in ESL and EFL contexts.

The editor welcomes submission of high-quality articles on topics relevant to the teaching of English grammar in ESL and international contexts. Of particular interest are papers that address: current trends in grammar teaching and acquisition, grammar and cognitive development, grammar in communicative contexts, effective use of materials, innovative approaches to grammar teaching, and other related topics.

All submissions must conform to regular TESL-EJ submission guidelines, which you will find linked on the TESL-EJ site. Please note in your submission proposal that you wish your paper to be considered for the special issue.

The deadline for submission is May 1, 2007.

Best wishes from everyone at TESL-EJ,

Maggie Sokolik, Editor

Thomas Robb, Co-Editor