March 2006
Volume 9, Number 4

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How Well Are ESL Teachers Being Prepared to Integrate Technology in Their Classrooms?

Nancy Velazquez-Torres
Metropolitan College of New York


This article reports on the experiences of language teachers with their teacher preparation in the use of learning technologies in Puerto Rico. Three focus group interviews were held with 28 pre-service teachers; 9 in-service teachers were interviewed, and a post focus group interview was held with student teachers after they completed their field teaching experience.

The following themes emerged during the analysis of the qualitative data: (a) Course Content must be more than learning to use a program or machine in order for a teacher to be prepared to integrate technology in the classroom; (b) Modeling technology use by teacher educators and cooperating teachers instructs by example, (c) Self-acquisition of technology skills needs to be supplemented by formal training for teachers to acquire the technology skills they need; (d) Access and exposure to technology and Internet needs to be expanded; (e) Practical integration of technology in language teaching requires hands-on-experience throughout the teacher preparation program.

Based on the findings, recommendations are made to higher education institutions and school administrators in Puerto Rico to face the challenge of preparing language educators in the integration of learning technologies in their curriculum.

Keywords: EFL, ESL, Second Language Teacher Education, Technology, CALL

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