Vol. 7. No. 2 A-1 September 2003
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Adapting Classroom-based Strategy Instruction to a Distance Learning Context

Vee Harris
Goldsmiths College, University of London


The role of language learning strategy instruction (SI) in promoting learner autonomy is widely recognised (Wenden, 1991; Little, 1994; Cohen, 1998) and a consensus is emerging over how best to implement it. However, apart from studies by White (1995, 1999) and Hurd et al. (2001), the majority of research is located within a classroom learning situation. This paper explores dilemmas posed in the design of SI for adults learning a range of languages in a distance learning context. Recent approaches to SI are reviewed and attempts to resolve the issues described. It appears that the absence of language-specific tasks in which to contextualise the SI is less problematic than the absence of teacher mediation to scaffold Learner Self Management.

Keywords: ESL, EFL, strategies, distance learning, learner training, handbook, individualization,learner self management, autonomy, progression


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