Vol. 7. No. 1 June 2003
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From The Editors


We are pleased to announce the first issue of Volume 7 of TESL-EJ.

This issue presents a diverse set of articles, reviews, and columns. The lead articles, "Differential Effects of Reading and Memorization of Paired Associates on Vocabulary Acquisition in Adult Learners of English as a Second Language" by Frank Hermann, and "Audience Awareness in L1 and L2 Composing of Bilingual Writers," by Hanizah Zainuddin and Rashid A. Moore, look at two important aspects of language learning that are widely discussed: vocabulary acquisition and contrastive rhetoric. Our Forum this month, "Practical and Theoretical Approaches to ESL/EFL Student Evaluation of Teachers," presents an interesting TESL-L discussion about teacher evaluation, and Teresa Almeida d'Eça writes in the On the Internet column about "The Use of Chat in EFL/ESL."

So, whether you're interested in vocabulary, writing, Internet chat, or teacher evaluation, or any of the many books reviewed, I'm sure there will be something to please nearly everyone.

With the beginning of the seventh volume, we also inaugurate our new Board of Reviewers. This Board operates separately from the Editorial Board. Its mission is to review the many manuscripts that are submitted each month. We would like to acknowledge the current members of the Board of Reviewers:

Lev AbramovThe Schiffman Institute
Zohreh Eslami-RasekhTexas A&M University
John GraneySanta Fe Community College
Jarek KrajkaMaria Curie-Sklodowska University
Paul Chamness MillerPurdue University
Margi WaldUniversity of California, Berkeley
Laurie WeaverUniversity of Houston, Clear Lake

If you would like to join the Board of Reviewers, please send a message stating your credentials and area of expertise to Maggie Sokolik, Editor, <sokolik@socrates.berkeley.edu>.

We would like to thank the above members of the Board of Reviewers, as well as Stephen Krashen, for helping review manuscripts this year.

And finally, if this issue doesn't sate you, September will bring a special issue on "L2 Strategy Research and Training," edited by Neil Anderson of Brigham Young University.

Maggie Sokolik

Thomas Robb

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