Vol. 6. No. 1 A-2 June 2002
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Students' Perceptions of English Learning through ESL/EFL Websites

Shiao-Chuan Kung
Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages, Taiwan

Tun-Whei Chuo
Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages, Taiwan


This study investigated the potential role of ESL/EFL websites as a means to supplement in-class instruction. It evaluated a program in which forty-nine students enrolled in a high-beginner EFL class were introduced to five websites and instructed to use them for a homework assignment and for self-study. Data collected revealed that despite some difficulties encountered, students had an overall positive attitude to using the teacher-selected websites in their learning of English. The students found that learning English through ESL/EFL websites was interesting and that the teaching strategies used by the teachers were effective and necessary. A follow-up study was conducted a year later after the initial study and the results supported the original findings.



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