Vol. 5. No. 4 A-2 March 2002
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Applying SLA Research and Theory To Practice: What Can a Teacher Do?

Marjorie Hall Haley
George Mason University

Patricia Rentz
Fairfax County Public Schools Adult Education


Teacher education programs preparing students to become English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers devote large quantities of time and coursework to exploring second language acquisition (SLA) research. How and when is that information actualized in a classroom? This article examines a descriptive method for teachers of English as Second Language. The method incorporates second language acquisition research in a communicative classroom. A discussion of the importance of SLA research to teachers is followed by the selection of learner readiness and focus on form as two areas that a teacher might want to apply in an adult ESL classroom. Finally, some suggestions are made regarding selection of materials that may be of use to classroom teachers. It is the writers' intent to encourage readers to experiment in their classrooms with the application in practice of some ideas gleaned from SLA research and theory.



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