Vol. 5. No. 3 A-2 December 2001
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Pre-Service Teachers as Readers and Future Teachers of EFL Reading

Leyla Tercanlioglu
Southampton University


The study reported here aims to deepen our understanding of what pre-service teachers think about their own reading, their future responsibility as teachers of EFL reading, and about the effectiveness of the education they have been receiving. Pre-service teachers did not describe themselves as very competent readers, but when they read, they have intrinsic reasons to do so. The findings suggest that they believe good reading teachers should themselves be good readers, who read along with their students. They were not very enthusiastic about teaching reading, though they accepted they would need to teach it as part of a language course. 51.51% of the pre-service teachers rated their teacher education program as satisfactory in this domain.

Keywords:ESL,EFL,Teacher self-perception, Pre-service teacher education, reading in a foreign language,teaching reading in a foreign language


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