Vol. 5. No. 2 A-2 September 2001
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Pair taping: Increasing motivation and achievement with a fluency practice

Peter H. Schneider
California State University, Northridge


Pair taping is a fluency practice in which learners record themselves speaking freely in pairs. Over several years, two sections of 50 second-year Japanese university students were offered the choice of doing pair taping over three or four days for an equivalent amount of time as their once-a-week 100-minute English listening/speaking class. Quantitative results from self-reports from this classroom research demonstrated that more than those who remained in class (28), learners who chose pair taping (73) reported increases in ease of speaking English, self-confidence about speaking English, motivation for improving their spoken English, relaxation in speaking English, enjoyment of speaking English, and improvement in speaking English. Factor analysis results mirrored those with the expectancy-value theory of motivated achievement, suggesting that learner improvement was related to their increased confidence and their increased motivation to improve to their increased enjoyment of speaking English.

Keywords: ESL,EFL,pair taping,speaking, conversation,practice


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