Vol. 4. No. 3 May 2000
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From The Editor

I am pleased with issue 4.3, because it does what Internet publishing can do best: it brings into focus ideas and practices in classrooms throughout the world. In this issue, you will read about learning preferences in Turkey, an Internet project in the U.S. and Siberia, and curriculum development in Spanish universities.

We welcome more submissions from around the globe. Given the changes in the Internet itself, in fact, we would like not only to read about learning, but hear it and see it to. Submissions that include useful audio or video are also welcomed.

A strong journal relies on the participation of its readers. We invite you to get involved. Respond to what you read here, tell us what is useful (and what is not), and consider adding your voice to the growing body of literature that is part of TESL-EJ.


Maggie Sokolik

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