Vol. 4. No. 3 A-1 May 2000
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Students' Language Learning Preferences

Erdogan Bada & Zuhal Okan
Cukurova University


For effective language learning and teaching, both learner skills and learner assumptions should be given due attention. In promoting this idea, students should be provided with the opportunity to clarify and assess their preferences, particularly in reference to definition of objectives in general and awareness of strategies in learning. Moved with the conviction that learners and learners' preferences are of crucial importance in the development of learner autonomy, we asked 230 students at the ELT Department, Faculty of Education, Cukurova University, to state their views as to how they prefer learning English. As a further step, 23 teachers working at the same department with the same students were also asked to express their views regarding the extent of their awareness of their students' learning preferences. The data obtained reveal significant results suggesting a need for a closer co-operation between students and teachers as to how learning activities should be arranged and implemented in the classroom.


Keywords: learning styles, strategies, preferences


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