Vol. 3. No. 4 A-2 January 1999
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A Study of the Effect of Direct Test Preparation on the TOEIC Scores of Japanese University Students

Thomas N. Robb
Kyoto Sangyo University

Jay Ercanbrack
Kyoto Sangyo University


In order to study the effect of direct test preparation on TOEIC gain scores, two samples of students (i.e., English majors and non-majors) at a Japanese university were divided into three treatment groups: 1) TOEIC Preparation, 2) Business English and 3) General (four-skills) English. The results indicate that usage of TOEIC preparatory materials led to a statistically significant gain on post-test scores for the non-majors' reading component only. The authors conclude that TOEIC preparatory materials are of little benefit to students enrolled in a comprehensive program of English language study, but might boost the score of the reading component of students enrolled in a university-level general English course in Japan.

Keywords: TOEIC, testing, evaluation, test preparation, ESL, EFL

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