Vol. 3. No. 2 March 1998
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From The Editor


We're very pleased with issue 3.2. It is a full one, and should keep you busy reading for a while!

With this issue, we also welcome a new editorial board member, Graham Crookes, from the University of Hawai'i. His work in action research and critical pedagogy is well known. We thank him for his interest in TESL-EJ and welcome him to the board.

In fact, our entire editorial board has my respect and appreciation. They volunteer their time to review the articles that you read, giving helpful feedback to authors, always with the goal in mind of making better scholarship. Without their help, we certainly could not exist as not only the first electronic journal in ESL/EF, but also the most consistent in quality.

The Forum this issue will look a little different than usual. It comes from an interesting discussion that arose on TESLJB-L, the jobs branch of TESL-L. It is hosted by Jack Carrel, of the University of Guadalajara, who posed the question that started the discussion. We are especially happy to demonstrate more visibly our ties with TESL-L, since TESL-EJ began as a brainchild of some key TESL-L participants back in 1993.

As usual, there are a lot of book reviews, thanks to Suzanne Irujo's excellent work. There are two Media Reviews, but it's very clear: We need a new Media Review Editor!. If you have experience editing, are well-organized, have mailing privileges at your institution, and have knowledge of or contacts with publishers, please send me your resume. We need a dynamic person to solicit more software as well as more reviewers.

Jim Duber's "On the Internet" column focuses on new technologies in streaming video, a new technology for the Internet that is in the process of changing how we think about what can be done on the Web. It has great potential for online instruction and information delivery.

We hope you enjoy this issue. If you're off to TESOL in Seattle, please consider us as a place to publish your presentation. And, of course, enjoy yourself!


Maggie Sokolik

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