Vol. 2. No. 4 June 1997
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From The Editor

Dear Readers,

With this issue, we close out our second volume. Submissions are up, name recognition is high, and there's more work than ever! I guess that means we are a success.

We haven't implemented too many changes this issue. However, with the beginning of Number Three, now seems like a good time to begin thinking about new (ad)ventures. With the growing popularity *of* the Web, and the increasing possibilities *on* the Web, we will be looking for ways to use more fully its interactive capabilities: more links, more ways to access our large store of information, more images, more sounds.... in a word, more.

In addition, we'll be considering new design elements--there's nothing wrong with the old design of course, but again, graphics programs and delivery afford us greater creativity and useful ways of presenting information.

We will also be looking for ways to include different genres of academic text: more opportunities for response to our articles and reviews (see this issue's Forum, guest-edited by Suzanne Irujo, for a preview), excerpts from rich discussions from relevant discussion lists, MOO transcripts...the possibilities become almost endless.

Of course, you can continue to look to us for solid information and research about teaching and learning English as a Second Language, both in our academic articles and in our reviews. We will soon feature an issue that is guest-edited by Larry Selinker of Birkbeck College, London. This issue will look seriously at the claims made by CALL and investigate and discuss those claims in a way that steps back from the bells and whistles and considers the content and its delivery.

With upcoming changes, we welcome your comments more than ever. If you can serve as a reviewer, if you have software or books to be reviewed, if you have a "paper" to submit, or if you just have a comment or suggestion, we welcome them all.

Finally, and very importantly, because the Violet server at Berkeley is going to retire soon, we have moved the Berkeley site to another machine. [-1-] You can now (and we hope for a very long time) find us at:


The Kyoto and Bremen sites remain the same.

Thank you for your support through two volumes. We look forward to your support during the next 20. Tell a friend!


Maggie Sokolik

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