Vol. 2. No. 4 A-2 June 1997
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Teaching Writing as a Process and Teaching Sentence-Level Syntax: Reformulation as ESL Composition Feedback

Sharon Myers
Texas Tech University


teaching has emerged primarily from observations of L1 freshman composition students, leading to a strong focus on writing 'process,' which does not address the need of ESL students for help with sentence-level syntax. Based on ESL students' documented preference for error correction (Leki, 1991) and the need for word usage and sentence grammar to become automatic, this article describes the rationale and procedures for using reformulation as composition feedback. These procedures are aimed at improving sentence level grammar. Survey responses of three sections (totaling 43 ESL students) of a one-semester university ESL composition class during which the procedures were

Keywords: writing, composition, feedback, ESL, process approach

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