Vol. 2. No. 1 March 1996
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From The Editor

With this issue, we begin our second volume of TESL-EJ. If you are new to our readership, welcome!

First, the number and quality of submissions is not yet up to a level we're happy with. What does this mean? We need your work. If you are presenting a paper this spring, or have some other work you would like to see in print, we would welcome the opportunity to publish your work. You will be read by a large number of subscribers (around 2,500 in 65 countries at the time of writing), as well as about 4,000 people per month that read us on the World Wide Web. We are, of course, fully refereed, and listed with the Library of Congress. The only difference between us and the paper journals is the medium!

There are some changes in the works here. First, with this issue we welcome a new editor, Jim Duber, who has taken over the "On the Internet" column. There is so much happening in the online world that we decided we needed a savvy editor who is both an ESL and Internet expert. Jim's experience includes fourteen years as a full-time TESL instructor and three years as an Internet/Multimedia consultant and developer. In addition, he has been the editor of his own website on Computer-Assisted Language Learning for the past two years, the URL of which is:

http://www.chorus.c ycor.ca/Duber/call.html

We are also, with this issue, offering fewer format options. Given the widespread popularity and availability of the World Wide Web, the only formats that we will now offer is plain ASCII (paginated version) from the UC Berkeley listserver and paginated and non- paginated, running text versions via FTP from Latrobe University. For those who like to print out articles, you'll find printing from the Web offers excellent formatting. One or more of the other versions can be 'revived' should there be sufficient demand. Let us hear from you!

Finally, and most importantly, one of our Web sites is moving. We will no longer be found at The Well. Rising costs at The Well and increased availability of computer space at UC Berkeley has made it clear that a move at this time makes economic sense. (After all,[- 1-] subscription prices haven't gone up in a year!) So, our new URL will be:


If you have a link to us at The Well, please change it. Other Web locations remain the same.

As always, we thank you for your patience and loyalty. We look forward to hearing your opinions and reading your work. Responses to our Forum column are always welcomed.

Best Wishes, Maggie Sokolik


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