Vol. 1. No. 4 A-3 June 1995
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What the "process approach" means to practising teachers of second language writing skills

Tim Caudery
University of Aarhus, Denmark


The article reports on a survey conducted on TESL-L aimed at discovering whether ESL teachers have similar concepts of the "process approach" to writing, or whether the concept has now evolved in different ways in different places. The survey results show that teachers actually have strongly differing ideas as to what process writing is. Such divergence may be typical of teaching approaches which have been in use for some time; but in this instance the changes may have been accentuated because the process approach was originally developed in and for the L1 classroom, and has been adapted for L2 teaching. It is suggested that some of the heat which characterized the initial debate on process writing may have cooled a little, making the time ripe for fresh discussion of what we have learned about teaching writing in L2 and possible ways forward in the future.

Keywords: ESL composition, electronic discussion, process approach

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