Vol. 1. No. 4 A-1 June 1995
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L2 Classroom Transcripts: Data in Search of a Methodology?

Paul Seedhouse
University of York


This article presents reasons why the development of a methodology for the description, analysis and evaluation of L2 classroom interaction would be desirable. L2 classroom interaction is unique in that linguistic forms are the goal as well as the vehicle of instruction, and in that the linguistic patterns of interaction produced by learners are linked to the pedagogical purposes which the teacher introduces. It is therefore proposed that a unique methodology, which would be able to link pedagogical purposes to linguistic forms and patterns of interaction, needs to be developed. Such a methodology should also be able to depict how pedagogical purposes and contexts vary between lessons and within lessons, and how varieties of communication are created as a result. The methodology should in addition be able to adopt a multiple perspective and rule-based approach, incorporating participant perspectives and triangulation, in order to achieve validity and reliability. This article seeks to outline the features and qualities of such a methodology: it does not, however, propose a concrete or detailed methodology.

Keywords: Classroom Interaction, Methodology

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