Vol. 1. No. 3 March 1995
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From The Editor

Issue 1.3 took a little longer than expected, but we hope you find the results worth waiting for.

We are featuring a special review section focusing on second language acquisition. It is an exciting collection of reviews„one we hope will spark discussion in classrooms and on TESL-L and SLART-L.

Things are always changing here. As the technology changes we find we need to adapt and grow, too. One exciting development is that we have been selected by the U.S. Library of Congress for inclusion in their electronic journal prototype project. Beginning near the end of March, users who log into the LOC system will have access to TESL-EJ on the LOC computer.

Another addition is that we can now be found on the World Wide Web. (In two places!) The Well site will house only the most recent issue, but the Kyoto site will house the full set of articles from all issues. If you have access to the Web, check us out.



http://www.kyoto-su .ac.jp/information/tesl-ej

Web publishing opens up a lot of exciting new prospects for graphics and sound. (However, for those with less sophisticated systems, fear not--we will always remain an ASCII-based publication.)

But, for all of you that read us via gopher or the Web, I encourage you to subscribe as well. Only subscribers get updates on the status of the latest issue. The number of subscribers we have shows our support, which is a useful measurement to have.

You can subscribe to TESL-EJ by sending the following message to


SUB TESLEJ-L Firstname Lastname

For example
SUB TESLEJ-L Bill Clinton

Do not include any punctuation or other information. You will receive confirmation that your subscription has been accepted, along with other useful information.

Our submission rate is up, but still not where we would like it to be. I hope more of you will consider us as a place for your work. If you want a fast response (usually within a month) and a *huge* potential readership (now in the thousands), we are the place for you.

We've been in operation for nearly a year now, and our rapid growth and your support is heartening. Look for more changes with the next issue.


Maggi Sokolik
UC Berkeley

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